Simple Yet Valuable Car Maintenance Tips

Just like your house or your business, your car is another important investment. And just like any other investment, you’ll need the extra time and effort to maintain it. The car needs to be well taken care of in order to make sure it runs smoothly and will always be reliable. You certainly don’t want to get your brakes or Shock absorber to break down when you’re driving in the middle of nowhere. And if you own a used car, it also means you’d need more effort in order to maintain it.

BilsteinBy simply embracing regular maintenance, you are effectively extending your car’s life as well as maintaining its optimal performance. Likewise, you will be relieving yourself of the money intended for frequent repairs. So here we go – the basic car care maintenance tips you ought to follow:

  1. Always drive with care. For instance, avoid accelerating your engine during startup. If you’ve been doing it, your car’s engine is subjected to unnecessary wear. Instead, accelerate slowly as soon as you begin to drive. Also, another good driving practice is to shift to neutral gear when you’re at the red light. This will give the engine some considerable time to rest. Doing these things will give your car engine longer life.

  2. Don’t forget to wash your car once every week. The obvious purpose is to keep it clean and free from corrosion. You might not know it but the essential components under the car including the racing Coilovers, shocks, and the entirety of the suspension system also need some washing to get rid of the buildup of dirt, leading to corrosion and rusting. Part of washing is cleaning the car interior as well as the mirrors, sidings, windshield, and even the wheels.

  3. Make sure you always park in the shade. Doing so will effectively prevent interior damage courtesy of the sun’s UV rays. Also, it saves and protects the original paint job. That’s why if there is no available shade, it is recommended to always bring with you a car shade.

  4. Regularly change engine oil and filter. The engine oil and filter are two things that need to be replaced on a regular basis, and the good news is that your car’s manual will provide you with the recommended interval between oil changes. Frequent and regular oil changes will correspond to flushing abrasive drive as well as metal particles out of the engine, thereby extending its life.

  5. Give some attention to the parts underneath your car. This includes the tires, your 4×4 shocks, suspension, bushings, and others. Keep in mind that the most exposed to the road conditions are the parts underneath. They always get dirt, dust, extreme road temperature, and more. When you wash your car, it is recommended to use a pressure hose to deal with stubborn dirt under.

  6. Lastly, don’t forget to clean your car engine. It actually needs to be washed at least every year. The main idea of keeping the engine clean is that it will run cooler compared to a dirtier one. Additionally, the clean engine means you’re going to spot any leaks easier. The best way to have the engine cleaned is through professional clean steaming.

Now if you don’t have time to keep your car regularly maintained, it’s best to call for professional car care services that can provide comprehensive service at regular intervals. Of course, you’d be required to pay for the service, but it sure is worth it to ensure your car will last longer.

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