Tips to Buying Souvenir Items While Touring in Australia

A holiday vacation in Australia will never be complete without spending a day for souvenir shopping. Since Australia is a well-known tourist hub, souvenir shops are just everywhere. From plush toys to key chains, figurines to gothic jewellery, souvenir items are just so plentiful that you can buy any memento you want to bring home. All you need to do is find them in a chain of shops scattered around major tourist spots.

Whether you are first-time visitor or seasoned traveler vacationing in Australia, finding souvenir items can be easy with these simple and doable tips below:

Prepare a good budget

At the onset of your trip, set aside some dollars for your souvenir shopping. Save around $100 for each tourist spot you visit and you can be sure of buying something worthy to keep. With this amount, you can shop for some gothic jewellery or miniature items of iconic attractions.

Determine your luggage size

gthic2To avoid overloading, buy souvenir products that come in small sizes. There are actually numerous items that can be hand-carried such as key chains, fridge magnets, bottle openers and skull earrings. For as long as you buy items that are light, luggage weight won’t hurt that much.

Scout for souvenir shops

In every tourist spot you visit, a souvenir store is always available. However, if you want to save on your money and shop in cheapest stores, you can always ask help from the locals. They know their city well and so they can recommend you to the best souvenir stores that sell products at the most affordable prices. Thus, you can buy as much gothic jewellery, stuffed toys, bags and everything you want.

Always negotiate

Once you enter a store and you would like to purchase a number of items, it would be helpful to bargain for a good price. Although storeowners are business-minded people, they do understand the concept of budgeting money on a trip. Hence, you can always negotiate on a good price especially when buying in bulk. For example, you can buy a dozen of skull rings on a wholesale price.

Australia is such a friendly traveler’s destination that the federal government made it a point to boost its tourism industry. Apart from providing abundant accommodation and well-preserved attractions, the souvenir business also takes part in the country’s thriving economy. Perhaps, this is one reason why the tourists, students and businessmen keep coming back.

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