Basics of Fire Evacuation Procedures

The occurrence of fires as well as the deaths and injuries caused by it is considerably lower now than before. Thanks to good fire maintenance and fire prevention measures, the numbers are gradually declining.

However, the probability of fires occurring still looms in the distance. While everyone should know those preventive measures, they should also be acquainted with various fire evacuation procedures, just in case disaster does strike.

Here are some points on fire protection, especially in instances of evacuation – which you should take note of:

Escape routes

fire evacuationMake time to meet everyone in your home or at work and walk them through the escape routes and exits. Include windows in that plan, too, because these are possible spots for getaways. Create a floor plan as well and see to it that they are all familiar with these copies.

After explaining the escape routes, direct them to a meeting place outside. This should be several meters away from your house or office space so that you’re safe enough.

Let them memorize the numbers of the fire department as well. As soon as they are out of harm’s way, they should call the authorities immediately. Knowing where the nearest fire hydrant systems can also help a great deal so that you can point it out to the fire fighters.

Alarm systems and other fire preventive equipment

burningSpend money on smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. The former will apprise you of possible fire. Go for interconnected alarms so that everyone in the house or in the workplace will know of it immediately. The latter can help you stop it while it has not grown too big yet.

If these are already installed, ascertain that these are still working properly. Fire maintenance specialists suggest that these be checked every six months, at least.

Never go back to the burning building

It can be terrifying, knowing that one of your friends or loved ones is not in the designated meeting place yet. Usually, the first thing that most people would do is go back inside and see if there is someone left there. Never do this. Let the fire fighters do their jobs because they know exactly what to do.

You should understand that fire maintenance would be completely unserviceable if people are not prepared in cases of emergency. If you are the head of your family or the head of your workspace, it is your responsibility to disseminate this essential information. If you have not done this yet, do so as soon as possible.

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