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motorbike2Motorcycling has always been associated with freedom. Riders are not confined to cages like car drivers are. In addition, there is something raw and unadulterated about a machine that has only two wheels and almost all its other components are squeezed between them, especially the engine. Yes, that source of power that is rumbling, roaring, screaming right between your legs. In some way, the motorcycle feels like a beast that you are holding by the horns. It may try to shake you off by its sheer power, unless you are able to tame it and take control. Another charm of motorcycling is the image; it commands attention. It has its own charisma, a mysterious magic that makes people watch you when you approach and pass by. Perhaps the most appealing part of motorcycling is the form it takes when man and machine work together to conquer the road. The art, the poetry of it all.

All these have inspired us to build and operate a website for the passion. This website was designed to cater to all hobbies related to motorcycling. Whether you love motorcycles, the real, the electric, or scale models, or anything related to it, this website is for you. A website created by motorcyclists just for motorbike hobbyists.

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