Setup for Amateur Racing

When it comes to amateur racing, you first must learn the basics of modifying an ordinary street car into a racing car. Since the speed of your racing car depends on several car parts and aspect like wheel alignment, you must have to consider several rules before tinkering down a few things on your car.

Here are the basic things to do if you’re preparing a basic car for some good amateur racing.

Prepare your chassis

amateurraceBesides cleaning your chassis thoroughly, if possible crack-check it for stress point and welds so it won’t break. If you have to disassemble it, do it to make sure you don’t miss any cracks or worn parts and replace them. Since chassis alignment has tremendous impact on a racing car handles, all set up parameters must be on top priority. Wheel alignment and car’s steering system should get through the turns at racing tracks. Racing aficionados know how important alignment is in setting or preparing up racing cars. It shouldn’t be missed no matter how much your auto shop mechanic swears that your car was aligned. It won’t take you much time doing it and you can count on its benefits when your car is on the racing tracks.

Checking suspensions and breaks

After getting through the necessity of chassis and wheel alignment, it’s time to check the suspension and the brakes. You can take your car to a good auto shop to set it up for a good street performance brakes lining as well as for high boiling point fluid. A professional suspension setup will keep your suspension safe and of course with the right speed for racing.

Replacing engine and drive train

If you have to rebuild the drive train, don’t hesitate doing it. Check out for stress points and worn parts and replace them to create that safe path for a racing car. Give more attention on the U-joints and the stub axles, which is very important in alignment and in achieving perfect corner weight for smooth right-hand and left-hand turns at the racing tracks.

Making it safe

Prepare your car for the following: seat belts, rollover bars, harness and car extinguisher. You can also check the race club requirements to safety and anything that goes for driver’s safety.

Creating a polished look

Make your car look good. A good body polished is good enough to make it look appealing. You don’t have to repaint but if it will create more distinctive look, go for it.

Once you’ve done with your car set up, it’s time to find a racing club and start making head turns as you speed down the tracks.

Once you are ready you can take your car to the raceway!
Check out for some highlights.

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