Motor Rider’s Road in Australia -Simply Inspiring and Igniting Motor Riding Spirits

If you’re a rider and thinking of experiencing Australia, here are some of the notable places where riding is at its best and the roads are simply inspiring and igniting riding spirits based on surfaces, sceneries, and after-riding experience. So, put on the brain bucket and let’s start hammering down.

The Great Alpine Road

motorcrossThe ride off south of Omeo valley has great views, so refreshing and the road isn’t bumpy with some nice curves. Ride through Murray Valley roads and Hume Dam and enjoy terrific views as well. The service road for the farms along C531 is referred as Redbank road is listed in Atlas’ top 100 roads not for nothing so there’s a lot of room for popping the clutch towards Tawanga and enjoy some nice twisty ride. Towangan Gap is a superb mountain pass and you’ll enjoy some classic corners and another nice radius corners riding the other side. If you go further North and ride through Bright, the twisty climb starts until you reach Mt.Buffalo. But, don’t get surprised by its well-surfaced roads as it services a superb ski resort.

Clyde Mountain -King’s Highway

It’s a real gem for riders with lots of surveying and flowing corners. From the base of the mountain, the easy welcome you but take it easy, as you climb up, as it’s very steep. The smooth wide corners give consolations and for this alone, you’ll want to turn around and ride it again. Best words to describe it are a superb climb and fast smooth sweepers. The end ride opens up to the Capital city and that’s where you can find good food and drinks to celebrate your good ride.

90 Mile Straight Road

It’s Australia’s longest straight road and the fun comes from being without the twisty stuff. No corners, just plain straight road surface, no signs and only deserts on either side. The straight ride is more like embracing shimmering heat haze and coming closer to the wild. The 90-mile straight could be an odd riding experience but motor riders would certainly die for the chance.

Currumbin Range

Most riders prefer riding it from the south to experience the nice climb as a starter. There are also tight corners so take some cautions. Reaching the border, the roads runs along the mountain and there you experience some nice curves and the steeply lines come again as you go down to a “T” intersection. You can either turn right and head to the highway or turn left and enjoy the great hillsides and another set of excellent corners.

Great Ocean Road, Victoria

This riding haven will surely complete your Aussie riding experience. While it’s always busy and you might be caught with other riders and cars, reaching Torquay, the fun starts as the cliffs of Bell beach and the charms of Angelea beckon riders. The dramatic coastline looks like hugging the road and the cliffs. Since it’s popular with tourists, there are great coffee shops to stop over before leading to the West of Lorne and around Apollo Bay to enjoy the seagulls.

There are still other great Aussie motor rider’s roads and we’re hoping these routes will simply inspire and ignite your next motor riding adventure.

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Motor Rider’s Road in Australia -Simply Inspiring and Igniting Motor Riding Spirits, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating