All Your Steel Fabrication Needs Under One Roof

At the very heart of every construction site is steel. These metal pieces are vital to the foundation of any building and home being built. To make sure that you have every kind you need, a steel fabrication company can cut and produce them for you.


Working closely with architects, engineers, and builders on all types of projects, you can expect quick turnaround and highest quality of tradesmanship from your steel suppliers Sydney. Moreover, here are some of the other services that they provide:

  1. Welding

Whatever the project, your supplier can handle the whole process of steel fabrication. It begins with plans converted into detailed drawings with 3D models. This allows the project to be viewed all the way to the end even before production begins.

You can also expect your steel fabrication company to be using welding procedures that follow regulations. Their fabricators are also certified, giving you peace of mind that your structure will last for a long time.

  1. Cutting

Your steel supplier has a variety of cutting equipment so that all kinds of steel can be cut. There is actually a huge range of products available, for example, all kinds of merchant from a round, square or flat bar. There are also RHS and SHS ones, as well as pipes, plate and sheet and structural beams.

In fact, with a computerized plasma and profile cutting service, anything can be cut from a piece of plate or sheet metal. Moreover, shapes and sizes can be stored on a disc for future use.

  1. Folding

With the use of a hydraulic press brake machine, various shapes and thicknesses can be formed. Materials like steel sheet and plate, stainless steel, aluminum or tread plate can be folded and bent. Much like with cutting, the computer can save and repeat any project.

  1. Rolling

They also offer rolling and bending service for a huge variety of bars like plate, pipe and flat bars, structural beams, and many others. All of these services are executed following industry standards to ensure top quality.

From the choice of the top quality steel all the way to the best fabrication services, you can ensure nothing but the long-lasting materials to make sure your building will stand the test of time. At the same time, with lots of years of experience working on construction sites and with engineers, you can expect timely production so that deadlines are still met.

For major supplier of steel material, there is one company you can rely on. Go for

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